How to run Effective Facebook ads?

All businesses need promotion. No matter the size of the business or the industry. In one way or another, you have to promote your business. Today I will show you how to run effective Facebook ads.

In this article, we gonna go through 3 simple ways to make your ads more effective and help you save some money.

Let’s Start.


You have to know your customers. Who is most likely to want what you are offering? You have to start writing down and letting Facebook know who is your ideal customer. Careful, don’t make it very specific though, we still need the Facebook algorithm to go and find out by itself who is the best client for what you offering.

Set up a Facebook pixel and retarget people who visited your website in the last 60 days. People who have already visited your website are more likely to convert.

Do you have a previous lead list? Amazing, you can upload it on Facebook and target the same people or “lookalike” people.

If you do not track every single conversion and traffic in your website, then be prepare to burn a lot of money without any profit.
*Important Update – 25 August 2022

Facebook recently disabled lookalike audience for special categories. Until 15 September 2022 all the ad set that are running special lookalike audience will be switched off. Website Traffic is the way to go!

Headline & Copy

Be clear, What do you want and what do you offer? People like simple words that make them understand exactly what they gonna get if they click on your ad. So simple words work better!

Focus on the numbers

If you can’t measure it you can’t grow it! Set a monthly budget and try a couple of different advertising techniques and audiences. Put these numbers every week into a spreadsheet and compare them! Sounds simple however this will help you a lot in cutting the cost and realizing, what works and what doesn’t.

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  • Track every single conversion in you website.
  • Simple and clean headline, copy and creative.
  • Measure every single KPI that can help you understand the market.

I put together this small article, to help business owners that are giving Facebook ads a shot, to avoid some beginner mistake. Also, i cannot stress enough how important it is to do everything possible to track everything that is happening on your website. Facebook (Slowly all the platforms) targeting rules are getting more strict and is going to be very hard to target the correct audience. But not for you!

Secret Tip

Thank you for reading all the article! The secret tip is… Go now at the placement setting(ad set level) and switch off the audience network placements! It’s completely waste of money, i optimized 100’s of campaigns, at different industries, and not even a single campaign did any sale or generated any leads from that placement. Also, a lot of “click farming” fraud is happening around this placements, so i stay away from them. You should too!

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