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What AgenBord means and does?

Agenbord is a combination of 2 words. Agency without borders. We are a web development agency that build websites for businesses all over the world. We design, develop and maintain websites for a £99.99 per month.

Is it a minimum-month contract?

Yes, there is a minimum of 8 months contract. We pay servers, domain and web designers upfront so you don’t have to! Also, we offer refund within 7 days after you pay, in case you are not happy with our performance.

How long does it take to get my website?

Within 5 business days from the moment you paid your first month, you will receive the first stage of the website. After that, you need to give us your feedback. Once we receive further changes, we will update them within 3 business days. Normally the whole process takes about 10 business days to be completed. Pretty quick compared to traditional web development agencies!

Can you list products for my e-commerce?

Yes, we can, but it is not included in the £99.99 package. We offer unlimited changes and updates when it comes to website appearance and coding. In case you are looking for this additional service, please let us know.

what type of websites do you do?

We have a very capable team and each of us has more than 7 years of experience. We can build any type of website. Mainly we build business websites, e-commerce websites, and blog/portfolio websites. In case your are looking for a platform development, please let us know.

Why subscription is better than a one-time fee?

The most obvious reason is that you don’t have to pay a huge bill upfront. You don’t have to pay £800 – £1000 for a professional website, £15 per year for the domain, and £15 per month for the server. We offer a package that includes all of that and many more only for £99.99/mo. Also, for as long as you pay your monthly fee, we offer unlimited free website changes through our 24/7 live chat.


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